International Festival, Exhibition and Competition

Exhibition dates: May 26 - June 1, 2023
Registration deadline: until May 22, 2023 (inclusive)
Venue: Center for Contemporary Art and gallery "Art Commune in the Kievsky Shopping Mall" (Moscow, Kievskaya str., 2).

There are three forms of participation:

1) Personal partiсipation: you visit Moscow and bring artwork in person.
2) Artwork partiсipation: you ship artwork, we exhibit
3) Art print participation: you send file, we print and exhibit


Registration sequence:



Choosing a method of participation

The author chooses which way he will participate:
IN PERSON (offline) or IN ABSENTIA (online).

Full-time participation (offline) - originals or a jet are exhibited at the exhibition;

Correspondence participation (online) - photocopies are displayed at the exhibition (the organizing committee prints out the files).

Offline and online participants have equal rights.



Registration of artworks

The author registers his works by filling in the necessary fields in the REGISTRATION FORM.
The Organizing Committee will review the application and send a confirmation of the possibility of participating in the project. After confirmation, the author proceeds to the 3rd stage.



Payment of the registration fee

The author pays the entrance fee for participation in the project. After paying the registration fee, you must send a copy of the receipt or a screenshot to

All participants who have sent a copy of the payment are placed at the exhibition and published in the catalog.

See " The cost of participation"

Registration for the competition and exhibition is until May 22, 2023 inclusive

There is still until the end of registration:

apply to contest

Exhibition sections and nominations

Exhibition sections

The exhibition is formed from the following sections:

1. Classical painting
2. Avant-garde painting
3. Watercolor
4. Pastel (dry and oil)
5. Academic, easel, book graphics
6. Easel, garden, monumental sculpture
7. Photography and Digital Art
8. Decorative and applied arts and textiles

Apply for participation

Competitive nominations

The competition program includes the following nominations:

1. Tradition (classic silhouette)
2. Elements (silhouette fragments)
3. Avant-garde (modern silhouette forms)
4. Abstraction (abstract silhouette)
5. Symbolism (symbolic silhouette)
6. Esotericism (mythological silhouette)
7. Magic and Futurism (mystifications in silhouette)
8. Concept (conceptual silhouette)
9. Experiment (mix of techniques and styles)
10. Hyperrealism (silhouette photography)
11. Reportage (silhouette telling a story-storytelling art)
12. Branding (silhouette as a business card)

Special nominations:
1. Silhouette against the sun
2. Quick outline sketches
3. Movement in the silhouette
4. HE and SHE